's Eurovision Coverage

by Benny Royston 89 views

As the continent prepares for one of the most exciting nights of the year, is pleased to be associated with Europe's favourite tv show. As the Fans' Favourite Eurovision Website, we're thrilled with what we hope you'll find our best ever coverage this year.

For the first time, a fan website has interviewed all participating acts at the Eurovision Song Contest during rehearsals and provided video footage of every competing country. We've also provided our most in-depth information about every artist and covered more official parties than ever before.

As the manager of since 2006, it gives me great pleasure to thank a small number of people who have worked around the clock to make sure that fans of the Eurovision Song Contest get as much information as they want, and newcomers to the site find a home to develop their love of all things Eurovision.

The team here in Oslo has been working better than ever before. Our thanks go to Russell Davies, Juha Repo, Roy Bennett andPrimoz Poglajen for their amazing coverage, Robin Scott has been responsible for ensuring that we could provide rehearsal footage, to Rene Romkes and Sanjay Jiandani who along with Russell have ensured that every country's representative has given us an interview and to Hakan Yalcinkaya who has helped ensure that we have covered all the extra curricular activities here in Oslo. Our special thanks also go to Tom Espen Hansen who, as our resident editor, has helped the team settle in Oslo, worked tirelessly with video editing and supporting everyone day and night.

Our thanks and gratitude go to those who could not travel. Marcus Klier, Stella Floras, Victor Hondal, Gil Laufer and everyone that has helped edit, update and maintain Finally, we must thank Michalis Vranis, who has single-handedly kept the website online throughout the two week period, despite the huge amount of visitors that we have had.

Another thank you must go to Kabir Naidoo, Paul Dixon, Paddy O'Connell and John Kennedy O'Connor for their support in helping to organise the UKeurovision Preview Party in London earlier this year and to Rene and our Dutch partner websites at for organising the Eurovision In Concert event in The Netherlands.

Please do remember that is run by fans for fans. The site is funded predominantly by the team that work on the site, it has never made a profit and has never and will never accept payments from any party involved with the competition, be it broadcasters, delegations, record companies, artists or stakeholders in an entry.

We continue to rely on the support of our readers and kindly ask that if you want to help us develop, please make a donation to the site here.

Wishing all of our readers a fantastic night, happy Eurovision everyone,

Barry Viniker and the team.