Germany predicted to win 2010 Eurovision

by Benny Royston 503 views

Germany are predicted to win the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest according to readers and members of With over 115,000 predictions cast it is the closest race predicted since 1991. Lena is predicted to win ahead of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Israel. readers have predicted that Germany will win the Eurovision Song Contest tonight, with a tiny margin over Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Israel.

The top ten according to the bigpoll are:

1. Germany
2. Azerbaijan
3. Turkey
4. Armenia
5. Israel
6. Iceland
7. Belgium
8. Denmark
9. Greece
10. Romania

The BigPoll has correctly predicted the Eurovision Song Contest winner five times in the last seven years. Last year, it also correctly predicted 19/20 semi final qualifiers.

With the race being so close this year, the team are a little nervous about the prediction with Spain, Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia threatening to trouble the higher places. The full table will be revealed after the result tonight.