Selection Weekend: Two more Eurovision 2018 entries to be decided

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Are you ready for yet another Eurovision national selection weekend? The season is gradually crazier and more exciting by the minute, with a further 8 shows set to take place this weekend! Which shows will you be watching?

Another cluster of Eurovision selections are set to take place this weekend, including the start of 2 new competition seasons for both Latvia and Sweden, as well as 2 nation finals from Malta and Switzerland.

This weekend we’ll get to know a further 2 Eurovision song entries for the 2018 contest; who would you like to see in Lisbon this coming May?

Five shows this Saturday

It’s a busy Saturday this week, with 5 (!) shows taking place. Two countries are set to begin their Eurovision search, whilst 3 selections will resume.

Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2018 – 20:00 CET

The highly-anticipated Melodifestivalen 2018 competition kicks off this weekend with the first semi-final of the competition.

Seven artists will open the nation’s selection for Eurovision 2018, hoping to advance to the next potential stages of the contest.

The 2 artists who receive the highest percentage of the votes will qualify directly to the final, whilst the artists in third and fourth position will receive a second chance in the Andra chansen section of the selection. The remaining 4 acts will be eliminated.

The semi-final qualifiers will be determined via a 100% televote.

Se trailern för Melodifestivalen 2018

Peppen! Bara lite drygt 3 veckor kvar till Melodifestivalen 2018. Nu släpps trailern Är ni taggade?

Geplaatst door SVT Melodifestivalen op vrijdag 12 januari 2018

Lithuania: Eurovizija 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

Lithuania continues their search this Saturday with the fourth heat of the national selection.

This weekend, a total of 13 artists will be competing with the hopes of advancing to the next stage of the selection. However, only 6 spots are open in the resuming shows.

The 6 qualifiers will be determined via a combined 50/50 public and jury vote, with the jury votes being decided earlier this week in the pre-recording of the show.

Latvia: Supernova 2018 – 20:25 CET (21:25 local time)

Latvia’s national selection returns for 2018: Supernova well and truly begins this weekend with the first semi-final of the competition.

In total, 7 artists will compete in this Saturday’s show, each of whom will perform their entries live for the very first time.

There are only 2 places in the Supernova 2018 grand final, with the top 2 of the semi-final show advancing to the final in the coming weeks.

The 2 qualifiers will be determined via a 50/50 combined jury and public vote.

Hungary: A Dal 2018 – 20:30 CET

Heats are set to continue this weekend in Hungary, as the country’s Eurovision national selection – A Dal 2018 – resumes on Saturday.

The final 10 heat participants will compete in Saturday’s A Dal show, with the top 6 qualifying to the semi-final stage of the competition.

The top 5 will be determined via a 50/50 combined public and jury vote, whilst the last qualifier of the night will be decided by a 100% televote.

Malta: MESC 2018 – 21:00 CET

The small island of Malta is ready to select their act for Eurovision 2018 this weekend, as the final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest (MESC) 2018 is set to take place.

In total, 16 artists will be competing for the right to represent Malta at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, with the eventual winner to be determined via a combined public and jury vote.

Plenty of former MESC participants will be fighting for the right to represent the island once again, including one former Maltese Eurovision representative (Richard Micallef, 2014).

Statistics video

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Geplaatst door Eurovision Song Malta op vrijdag 2 februari 2018

Another final on Sunday

Our second Eurovision entry of the weekend is set to be decided on Sunday, becoming the sixth official song entry of the 2018 season. Two more selections will be resuming their search on Sunday.

Israel: The Next Star 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

Israel is still looking for their 2018 artist to compete in Lisbon, with the nation’s selection pressing on this coming Sunday.

Eight artists currently remain in the competition, each of whom will be singing to advancing in The Next Star. One artist will be eliminated from Sunday’s show, with the competition continuing the following day on Monday.

Romania: Selecția Națională 2018 – 20:00 CET (21:00 local time)

Selecția Națională 2018, Romania’s national selection, will resuming this Sunday with the third semi-final of the contest.

As with the previous semi-finals, a further 12 acts will be competing onstage, hoping to gain a spit in the national selection final on the 25 February.

The top 3 of Sunday’s show will advance in the competition, all of whom will be decided via a combined 50/50 jury and public vote.

In total, 15 acts will compete in the Romanian final towards the end of the month.

Switzerland: Entscheidungsshow 2018 – 20:05 CET

Switzerland becomes the sixth country to select their Eurovision song entry for 2018, with the nation once again opting to select their act via their returning national final, Entscheidungsshow 2018.

As usual, 6 artists will be competing for the right to represent Switzerland at the Lisbon-hosted Eurovision Song Contest, each of whom will perform on stage this Sunday for the first time.

The winner of the Swiss national final will be determined via a combined 50/50 public and international jury vote.

Are you ready for yet another big selection weekend? Let us know which shows you’ll be watching over the coming days!

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