Watch now: Heat 3 of A Dal 2018 in Hungary

by Eleanor Cooper 715 views

The third and final heat of A Dal 2018 in Hungary, the country’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, will take place tonight.

How to watch:

The show is going to air live at 20:30 CET on:

  • Duna TV
  • Live webstream will also be provided, via

The hosts of A Dal 2018 are the 2016 Hungarian Eurovision entrant Freddie, alongside the journalist Krisztina Rátonyi.

Tonight’s show

As with the previous two heats, ten acts will perform their songs tonight, with six continuing through to the semi-final stage.

In the first round of voting, the first five qualifiers will be determined by a combination of the jurors scores and an average score based on the televotes. In the second round, the remaining five entries face a public vote to determine the additional sixth qualifier.

Heat 3 contestants

  1. #yeahla feat. Viki Eszes1 Szó Mint 100
  2. Andy Roll – Turn the lights on
  3. Roland GulyásH Y P N O T I Z E D
  4. Ham ko HamBármerre jársz
  5. Cintia Horváth & Tomi BaloghJourney (Break your chains)
  6. Tamás HorváthMeggyfa 
  7. Maszkura és a tücsökrajNagybetűs szavak
  8. Nova ProspectVigyázó
  9. Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény & Róbert Szakcsi LakatosÉletre kel 
  10. Reni Tolvai Crack my code

A Dal 2018 schedule

  • 20/01: Heat 1
  • 27/01: Heat 2
  • 03/02: Heat 3 (Ten participants, 6 qualifiers)
  • 10/02: Semi-final 1 (Nine participants, 4 qualifiers)
  • 17/02: Semi-final 2 (Nine participants, 4 qualifiers)
  • 24/02: Grand final (Eight finalists, winner determined)