Switzerland: Get to know the six bidding Eurovision 2018 artists

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Only a few days to go before the Entscheidungsshow 2018, the Swiss national final. The six finalists were revealed earlier this month. It is time to get to know them better!

After receiving a record-high number of 670 submissions, Swiss broadcaster SRF worked along with a national jury to select the six best acts to perform at the Swiss national final on Sunday 4 February at 20:00 CET.

A songwriting camp took place with 25 national and international music experts. Many of the entries of the Entscheidungsshow were created during this fruitful meeting. Get to know the six bidding artists from Switzerland!


The duo is composed by Corinne “Co” Gfeller (32) and Stee Gfeller (30). The brother and sister have been active for many years in the music industry. They spend their time between Switzerland and Los Angeles, but their real home is on stage.

The song Stones has a powerful message. No person can be insulted or mobbed on the internet while the authors of such hate speech remain anonymous. The lyrics invite to – metaphorically – throw stones in defense. Live and let live!

Stones was composed by Zibbz and Laurell Barker (Canada).

Angie Ott – A thousand times

Angie Ott (27) brings a power-ballad to the national final. She was first discovered by the Swiss public in 2013 when she finished runner-up in The Voice of Switzerland.

With A thousand times, Angie wishes to inspire the audience to free themselves from the things that impede the people to move forward. People should not be afraid to change, to try something new, something different.

The lyrics were written by Jonas Gladnikoff (Sweden), Sara Ljunggren (Sweden) and Glen Vella (Malta).

Naeman – Kiss me

Naeman (23) is a young man with a lot of international experience. He took part in Die grössten Schweizer Talente and Deutschland sucht den Superstar. His roots are from Indonesia, the Netherlands and Switzerland. During his last tour he reached 35 cities such as Milan, Paris, Madrid and Berlin.

Kiss me talks about the flirtation between a guy and a girl, pushing the actors to lay the cards on the table and reveal the real intentions.

The lyrics were composed by Eric Lumiere (USA), Kate Northrop (USA), Ken Berglund (Sweden) and Alejandro Reyes (Switzerland).

Chiara Dubey – Secrets and lies

Chiara Dubey (24) is not new to the Swiss national selection to the Eurovision. She ranked third in 2012 with Anima nuova, and then fifht in 2013 with Bella sera. Five years later she is back with Secrets and lies.

The song is about questioning themselves on ones integrity and honesty. It is also about regrets. Sometimes, not only we are not honest towards the others, but especially towards ourselves.

The lyrics were composed by Janie Price (UK) and Jeroen Swinnen (Belgium), best known as Tom Dice (Eurovision 2010).

Alejandro Reyes – Compass

Alejandro Reyes (26) was born in Chile, but moved to Switzerland at the age of 10. Music is his comet through turbulent times.

Compass and Alejandro tells the audience to follow their heart and to be driven, either by love, a passion, or music.

The lyrics were written by Laurell Barker (Canada), Lars Christen (Switzerland) and Alejandro Reyes (Switzerland).

Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

Vanessa Iraci (32) is a German singer with Brazilian roots. She has connections to Switzerland, having reached the semi final of The Voice of Switzerland in 2014.

Redlights talks about the power of love. It may not be decided nor controlled when you fall in love. This has strong consequences, both positive and negative.

An international team is behind the lyrics of RedlightsBorislav Milanov (Bulgaria, behind the lyrics of If love was a crime – Bulgaria 2016, and Beautiful mess – Bulgaria 2017), Joacim Bo Persson (Sweden), Johan Alkenäs (Sweden), Jessica Ashley Karpov (USA) and Jesse Saint John (USA).

The Entscheidungsshow 2018

The Swiss national selection will take place in Zurich on 4 February at 20:00 CET. The winner will be decided 50% by the televote and 50% by international juries.

Switzerland will enter the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon in the second half of the first semi-final on 8 May.

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