Andorra: Gisela to perform at Operación Triunfo’s Christmas Gala

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Gisela, the 2008 Andorran Eurovision representative will be gracing the Operación Triunfo stage next week when she will perform along with this year’s OT participants.

TVE the Spanish national broadcaster has confirmed that Gisela (Andorra 2008) and some of the OT 1 participants will be performing at the forthcoming Operación Triunfo Christmas special show on Monday 25 December.

Gisela will sing various songs during the show including Somebody else’s man with Agoney and Lady Marmalade with Vero (OT 1), Ana Guerra and Mimi.

Rosa Lopez (Spain 2001), Vero, David Bustamante , Manu Tenorio, Naim Thomas, Nuria Fergó, Álex, Natalia, Alejandro Parreño, Geno and Javián; all former OT 1 participants have confirmed their presence at the Christmas special gala.

Gisela thus joins Sergio Dalma (Spain 1991), Soraya Arnelas (Spain 2009), Pastora Soler (Spain 2012) Rosa Lopez (Spain 2002), Barei (Spain 2016), Nina (Spain 1988), Manel Navarro (Spain 2017), Beth (Spain 2003) and Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014), all former Eurovision representatives who have graced the OT 2017 Academy and shows.

Gisela from Operación Triunfo to Eurovision

Gisela competed in the first edition of Operación Triunfo in 2001 and gained much fame, name and recognition in Spain thanks to her collaboration with Disney, having sung many of the theme songs of the Disney movies. She has also taken part in many Disney musicals. Gisela has released a total of 7 albums.

The Catalan-born singer also represented Spain at the Viña del Mar Song Festival in Chile, where she was crowned the winner of the celebrated contest.

In 2002 she graced the Eurovision stage in Tallinn, where she was one of Rosa‘s (Spain) backing vocalists along with Geno, David Bisbal, Chenoa and David Bustamante.

Spain Eurovision 2002 – Europe’s living a celebration

In 2008, she was internally selected to represent Andorra at the Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with Casanova. Unfortunately, she failed to qualify to the Grand Final.

Gisela (Andorra 200) – Casanova

OT 2017 to determine 2018 Eurovision representative

The show has slowly but swiftly gained back much fame and name in Spain and has set the social media platforms on fire.

One of the 16 participants will be awarded the golden ticket to fly to Lisbon in order to defend the Spanish colours at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. More details on the selection process will be released in due course.

Operación Triunfo and Eurovision

Operación Triunfo kicked off in Spain in 2001 and TVE used it as the mechanism to select the 2002 Spanish Eurovision entry and act.

The first edition of the talent show was a massive hit in Spain, thus getting much exposure and mediatic coverage. Rosa Lopez was crowned the winner of OT 1 and won the golden ticket to Tallinn with her song Europe’s living a celebration.

TVE used the same format for the following 2 years in order to select the Spanish Eurovision entry and act: Beth (2003) and Ramon (2004).

TVE axed the show after its third edition. In 2005, Spanish private television channel Tele Cinco revived the talent show and aired a total of 5 seasons and had no link to Eurovision.

We must not forget that 2 of the participants of the 4th edition of Operación Triunfo went on to represent years after their participation: Soraya Arnelas (2009) and Edurne (2015).

Spain in Eurovision

Spain debuted in Eurovision in 1961 and has won the competition twice (1968 and 1969). The country enjoyed much success in its early days, but now seems to have had a reverse in fortunes. We must not forget that Spain has not made it to the Top 5 since 1995.

The Iberian country has only made it twice to the Top 10 in the last decade, namely in 2012 and 2014 with Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo respectively.

In 2017, Spain selected its Eurovision entry via a national final leading to Manel Navarro‘s victory and winning the golden ticket to Kyiv with Do it for your lover. Unfortunately Spain came last in the Grand Final, continuing the bad spell of poor results in the competition.

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