Latvia: Justs releases Are You There

by Georgi Senkishev 602 views

The 2016 Latvian entrant, Justs, has just released his new single called Are you there.

He represented Latvia in Stockholm in 2016 with the song Heartbeat, written by 2015 Latvian representative Aminata Savadogo; now Justs is back and has released a new track entitled Are you there.

Excited about his latest release, Justs posted some behind-the-scenes images from his Facebook page earlier today, giving fans a backstage sneak peek of the music video.

Šeit neliels ieskats tiem, kam interesanti, kā mums gāja filmēšanā! Par stilīgo tērpu paldies Rīga Plaza ! 😀 Un vēlreiz…

Geplaatst door Justs op woensdag 15 november 2017

Justs behind Are you there

Written by the Latvian singer himself and produced alongside Makree, Are you there is Justs’ second single of the year and his first music video release of 2017.

Check out Justs’ latest release below, filmed and produced by Ritvars Bluka and Dominiks Jarmakovičs.

You can also listen to his new song on Spotify and Apple Music.

Justs at Eurovision

Justs followed in the footsteps of his entry songwriter Aminata and represented Latvia in 2016. With his entry Heartbeat, Justs qualified from his semi-final and brought Latvia their second consecutive final in more than 6 years.