Hungary: MTVA extends A Dal 2018 submission deadline to 20 November

by Stratos Agadellis 619 views

It was about to conclude tonight but it won’t! MTVA, the Hungarian national broadcasting service announced earlier that they have decided to extend the song submission deadline for their national selection process A Dal 2018 to Monday, 20 November at 23:59 CET.

A Dal is still waiting for you!

The broadcaster stated that they have opted for this extension citing a demand of the country’s music industry, as well as the great deal of interest that is being shown in this year’s edition. Applicants may upload their submissions on the competition’s official website.

MTVA has invited everyone who is ambitious to take part to take advantage of this extension and send applications, not only because of the prospect of Hungary’s representation in Eurovision, but also the various further awards that A Dal has been offering for 7 years now.

These are A Dal 2018 Legjobb Dalszövege (A Dal 2018 Best Lyrics Song) and A Dal 2018 Felfedezettje (A Dal 2018 Discoveries). Moreover, and as confirmed, 2018 sees an Acoustic Song competition which will determine this year’s winner.

Further details on A Dal 2018 dates and how the national selection is going to run can be received here via our previous report.

Hungary at Eurovision

Hungary debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 with Frederika Bayer and is yet to win the event. Nevertheless, the country had made such an impressive Eurovision debut, as their representative finished 4th, achieving their best result to date with her entry Kinek mondjam al vetkeimet.

This year, A Dal 2017 was won by the singer Joci Pápai with his entry Origo. His song seems to have made quite an impact on the European viewers and juries, as he managed to finish 8th in the Grand Final with 200 points.