Denmark: Emmelie de Forest releases Sanctuary music video

by Roy Knoops 1,162 views

2013 Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest from Denmark has returned to the spotlight with a new look and a new single: Sanctuary.

Emmelie de Forest took her time to work on new music and is now ready to release her latest song, titled Sanctuary. Evolving as an artist, Emmelie de Forest shows her versatility through her new single and a fresh look.

Emmelie de Forest is very excited about her new track, and says about it:

A Sanctuary could be many different things. To me, it’s all the ideas that pop up in your head and then suddenly you see them transform from a feather in your mind to actual wings. It’s really the feeling of creating something, weather it be a song, a story or a painting. So to me a sanctuary is not just a place to hide from danger, but a place away from the world and the daily life where you can dream and create.

Sanctuary has been released today on Spotify, with the official music video now officially unveiled. Watch Emmelie’s latest track and the latest music video below!

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About Emmelie de Forest

Emmelie Charlotte-Victoria de Forest (Randers, Denmark, 1993) is a Danish singer-songwriter. She began singing at the age of nine, including in the Steve Cameron Gospel Choir, and performing at music festivals at the age of fourteen.

Emmelie de Forest represented Denmark at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden. With her entry Only teardrops the artist ultimately won the Eurovision Song Contest, receiving 281 points.

The following year, Emmelie de Forest performed the official Eurovison 2014 anthem in Copenhagen, Rainmaker.

Emmelie de Forest also co-wrote the 2017 Eurovision entry for the United Kingdom, Never give up on you, together with Daniel Salcedo and Lawrie Martin. Performed by Lucie Jones at the Grand Final in Kyiv, Ukraine, the song eventually placed 15th with 111 points.

Enjoy Emmelie de Forest performing Only teardrops at the Grand Final of Eurovision 2013: