Watch now: Israel unveils the fourth show of The Next Star 2018

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Tonight, the Eurovision pre-selection will be back in Israel for the fourth show of their Eurovision national selection for 2018, The Next Star.

The Israeli national selection will continue the long quest to determine the act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon: The Next Star goes on with the fourth show.

Also known as HaKokhav HaBa throughout the country, this evening will see another set of artists auditioning in the hope of qualifying to the next stage of the competition.

During the first three shows, a total of 14 artists have already convinced the jury and have gone through the first selection phase.

Let’s watch again one of the most memorable performances of the third show. What is tonight’s fourth round keeping for us?

ואחרי שהכרנו את צליל והמשפחה, בואו ניזכר באודישן המדהים שלהתראו לה קצת אהבה אם גם אתם חושבים שזה ביצוע פשוט מהמם! (איך אפשר שלא?? ;)) הכוכב הבא ממשיכה ביום ראשון, מיד אחרי החדשות בערוץ 12

Geplaatst door ‎הכוכב הבא‎ op donderdag 9 november 2017

How to watch

The Next Star 2018 will air this evening at 20:00 CET (21:00 local time) on the following channels:

The show

Assi Azar and Rotem Sela return as hosts of tonight’s show, in which a further selection of acts will compete for the votes of both the public and judges, looking to advance through to the upcoming stages of the contest.

This year’s Next Star judging panel consists of the following 4 members:

  • Static & Ben-El Tavori: Israeli musical pop group
  • Keren Peles: Israeli singer-songwriter, poetess and a pianist
  • Harel Skaat: Israel singer-songwriter; former representative at Eurovision 2010
  • Assaf Amdursky: Israeli singer, songwriter and music producer

With the judging panel each having a 10% say in the final outcome of the artist’s audition, each bidding act will need to receive at least 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote in order to advance in the competition.

This year sees a new twist in The Next Star, meaning that if an artist fails to reach 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote by the end of their performance, the 2 hosts will have the right to save that artist and put them through to the next stage of the selection.

Israel at Eurovision 2017

Last year saw Israel’s third artist selected via The Next Star representing their nation at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Winning the selection was Imri, who went on to fly to the host city of Kyiv and compete with his entry I feel alive.

Qualifying from the second semi-final, Israel received a total of 39 points in the Grand Final of the contest, finishing in 23rd position.

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