Israel: The Next Star sees 6 more artists advance

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The fourth show of Israel’s Eurovision selection, The Next Star, has just aired in the country with a further 6 artists earning a place in the next part of the competition. Here’s what happened in tonight’s episode!

This evening in The Next Star, a total of 8 artists auditioned on the Israeli stage for the first time in a bid to earn the votes of both the audience along with the judging panel.

The 4-member jury panel, consisting of members Static & Ben-El Tavori, Keren Peles, Harel Skaat and Assaf Amdursky, each had a 10% say in the final outcome of each artist performance, with each auditionee needing to earn a minimum of 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote in order to advance to the next stage of the contest.

Qualifiers from the fourth show

Out of the 8 auditionees this evening, 6 managed to earn the percentage needed to proceed in the competition, joining the 14 qualifiers from the previous 3 shows.

  • Yafit Casay (95%, ‘Yes’ from all 4 judges)
  • Yosi Pitusi (81%, ‘Yes’ from 3 judges)
  • Ravit Batashvili (86%, ‘Yes’ from all 4 judges)
  • Shir Zarfati (72%, ‘Yes’ from 3 judges)
  • The Choice (63%*, ‘Yes’ from 3 judges)
  • Noa Bell (82%, ‘Yes’ from 3 judges)

*Whilst The Choice received under the asking 70% of the ‘Yes’ vote, a new twist in the show saw the 2 hosts, Assi Azar and Rotem Sela, save the group and therefore advance to the next stage.

Two artists failed to receive the 70% of ‘Yes’ votes needed: Hagay Atari and Joey Bar.

Performing as the final contestant of the evening was Noa Bell, the adoptive daughter of judging panel member Keren Peles.

Although Peles did not vote during Bell’s audition, the artist managed to receive the percentage of votes needed to proceed. Check out her audition below!

You can watch all of the performances from the fourth Next Star show via the official website.

The Next Star continues next week, with an official air date expected to be confirmed over the coming days.

Which of tonight’s Next Star participants did you like the most? Who do you think would be the ideal candidate for Eurovision 2018?

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