Results: Six acts qualified in Slovakia

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After six quarter finals, the first semi final of Eurosong 2010, the Slovak national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest was held tonight. Twelve acts comepted and sx of them were chosen by a jury and SMS voting to proceed to the national final.

The following six acts will compete in the national final on 28th February:

  • Kristina Horehronie
    (Martin Kavuli�/Kamil Peteraj)
  • Miro Jaroš Bez siedmeho neba
    (Miro Jaroš, Vladimír Gnepa/Miro Jaroš)
  • Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid ErrorFigaro
    (P. Farnbauer, P. Jursa/P. Jursa)
  • Mayo Tón
  • Robo OpatovskýNieÄ�o máš
    (R. Opatovský/P. KoneÄ�ný)
  • Marián BangoTy tu ticho spíš
    (T. Jediný)

Complete results

Krisitina won the semi final being the winner of both the jury vote and the SMS voting. Remarkably, Róbert Mikla got the third highest number of points from the SMS voters but was seen in last place by the jury. The complete results were as follows (in the case of a tie the artists that got more points in the SMS voting is placed higher):

SMS voting Jury
1 Kristina 12 (31.2%) 12 24
2 Miro Jaroš 11 (12.0%) 11 22
3 Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid Error 7 (6.6%) 7 14
4 Mayo 5 (4.8%) 9 14
5 Robo Opatovský 3 (4.5%) 10 13
6 Marián Bango 8 (6.8%) 4 12
7 Get Explode 6 (6.5%) 6 12
8 Renáta Ä�onková & Martina Polievková 4 (4.7%) 8 12
9 Róbert Mikla 10 (11.1%) 1 11
10 Richard �anaky & FBI 9 (7.0%) 2 11
11 Petra HumeÅ�anská 1 (1.9%) 5 6
12 Michaella 2 (3.1%) 3 5

This was the first of two semi finals. The other twelve quarter final qualifiers will compete in the seconds emi final next Sunday for the remaning six spots in the national final. poll results

The poll voters partly agreed with the results in the semi final. Kristina, who won the poll by a landslide with 67.1% of the votes, also won the semi final. Still, the acts that finished second, third and fourth in the poll did not make it to the final (Get Explode – 7.6%, Petra HumeÅ�anská – 6.3%, Michaelle – 6.3%). The only other qualifier that had finished in the top six of the poll was Robo Opatovský, who got 3.8% of te votes thus finishing fourth.

In 2009, Slovakia returned to the Eurovision Song Contest after eleven years and was represented by Kamil Miculcik and Nela Pocisková with the song Let' tmou. The duo finished 18th in the second semi final thus not qualifying for the final.

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