Poland sends Marcin Mroziński to the Eurovision Song Contest

by Marcus Klier 95 views

Tonight, the Polish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was held. Ten acts competed and the televoters decided to send Marcin Mroziński to Oslo with his song Legenda written by Marcin Nierubiec and the singer himself.

Complete results

Marcin Mrozi�ski was the clear favourite of the televoters getting more than twice as many votes as runne-up Anna Cyzon. The complete results were as follows:

  1. Marcin MroziÅ�ski – 33.61%
  2. Anna Cyzon – 15.13%
  3. Iwona WÄ�growska – 14.94%
  4. Aneta Figiel – 9.06%
  5. Leszcze – 8.44%
  6. Nefer – 5.97%
  7. VIR – 4.45%
  8. Sonic Lake – 3.44%
  9. ZoSia -3.04%
  10. Dziewczyny – 1.92%

Marcin is already a well-known artist in his home country as he has starred at several tv shows and music festivals. Already at the age of nine, he won a national song contest for children. He has also competed at the local version of Idol and won the Raise your voice show. He appeared also at the TVP show Songowanie na ekranie and at the Opole festival. He has developed a successful theatrical career, playing parts in renowned musical plays such as The phantom of the opera. He was the last wildcard to be announced to compete in the Polish national final and he will be the first male solo performer to represent the country since Piasek in 2001.

esctoday.com poll results

The esctoday.com poll voters and the voters in the national final agreed. Marcin Mrozi�ski was also the poll winner with remarkable 41.1%. In fact, the poll top four were identical to the results in the national final with Anna Cyzon coming second (25.2%), Iwona W�growska finishing third (7.8%) and Aneta Figiel in fourth place (5.8%).

esctoday.com national final awards 2010

The 2010 esctoday.com National Final Awards will be held between April and May, which means between the national final season and the Eurovision Song Contest. We will repeat the same format with two rounds for nominations which was used this year – you can read how it works here. However, this time the individual polls for each country will always be held right after the national final, when the entries are still fresh. You can vote for your favourite performance not to qualify in the Polish national final here and for your favourite song not to qualify here.

In 2009, Poland was represented by Lidia Kopania, who finished 12th in the second semi final with her song I don't wanna leave thus not making it to the final.


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