Portugal: Salvador Sobral ahead on the waiting for a donor list

by Stratos Agadellis 2,506 views

New information is around today about the health condition of Salvador Sobral, who has been admitted to hospital since last week, awaiting to undergo a heart transplantation surgery. The medical opinion for Salvador reports that his condition remains stable and under surveillance.

The president of the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation, Manuel Carrageta has stated that due to his urgent health problem, Salvador has gone ahead on the waiting for a donor list. According to his words, the graft will most likely come from a man who has died in an accident.

The same report describes in detail the characteristics that the proper donor has to have. He has to be brain dead and younger than 35 years old and of course to present similarity to Salvador’s genetic characteristics, such as blood type compatibility, weight and height.

Everyone by Salvador’s side

People from all over Europe and beyond who have been informed about Salvador’s health problem have endlessly been sending messages of love and solidarity. Furthermore, several Eurostars have already expressed their support and sent their best wishes for his speedy recovery.

We are all looking forward to hearing pleasant news regarding Salvador. Our prays and wishes are with him.

Estamos com você, Salvador!