Portugal: Salvador Sobral hospitalized to deal with his health issues

by Stratos Agadellis 6,421 views

The news about the hospitalization of Salvador Sobral in the Santa Cruz hospital of Lisbon is now making the rounds around Europe and the world. The winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest recently decided to withdraw from the music stage for as long as he needs to overcome his serious health problem, cancelling all of his scheduled concerts and performances.

Awaiting for a graft

As several Portuguese media report, it’s absolutely necessary for Salvador to undergo a heart transplant operation, as his own heart is now reportedly very weak. It’s also stated that a compatible graft is yet to be found, so the singer is now facing an uncomfortable waiting process.

Within the hospital, it has also been reported that the singer is connected to medical devices to help stabilize cardiac function until the right graft is found.

Prior to his hospitalization on 8 September, Salvador had given a farewell concert for his fans and – obviously overwhelmed – burst into tears in the arms of his sister and composer of his winning entry Amar pelos doisLuísa Sobral.

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Here at ESCToday, we’re sending all our wishes to Salvador and his family for his speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you on stage once again, Salvador!