The first ever Eurovision Convention just got cancelled

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The first ever Eurovision Convention, was due to take place in Frankfurt this September at Alte Oper venue. According to the organisers, misunderstandings, miscalculations and security reasons, caused the cancellation of the event. Frustration among the fans and those who booked flights, hotels and tickets for the event.

The ECON, Eurovision CONvention was a very promising attempt to create an event that was missing from the Eurovision community, since many Eurofans don’t get the chance to meet their favourite artists. The two-day event included concerts, meet and greet sessions with various Eurostars and even workshops to write lyrics and compose music for the competition. Unfortunately, everything had to be pulled off due to security reasons.

The cancellation

The organisers decided to pull the plug for the kick off of the event leaving hundreds or thousands of fans in the lurch. However, those who have purchased their ECON tickets, will get a refund.
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The official statement

Dear ECON friends and visitors,The organizer of the ECON has not recognized financial problems over a long period of…

Опубліковано ECON – Eurovision Convention 17 серпня 2017 р.

Dear ECON friends and visitors,

The organizer of the ECON has not recognized financial problems over a long period of time and has not publicly published them. Financial bottlenecks have not been communicated to the artists and their management, thus causing irreparable damage. Contracts were signed and could not be observed.

Contracts with the management of Cascada and Conchita as well as SR Management and associated Giovanni Zarella and Lilly Becker as well as David Pfefferle were not settled after accounting and still accepted and with false payment documents proved.

Financially, we underestimated this event and pulled the “pull-rope” much too late. After all what happened especially after the financial funds were stolen from the account we should have had to stop. Personally, we can not apologize or justify this, it is only clear as a big mistake, especially since here a great damage with great Eurovision artists emerged and emerged.

After we had to change the first location we had found the Alte Oper in Frankfurt as a place and also announced. This was however not booked, also not directly at the Old Opera House in Frankfurt. We had booked this over an internet platform, which provides rooms and books. These we had claimed until yesterday we were informed by the opera that this is not correct. Here we never wanted to have to deceive someone but admit that this location has never been booked for us !! The whole is fraudulent, however, was never in our intention and is no excuse.

After the personal threats against us and the event itself, we have to cancel the event for all parties and after long discussions with official authorities, friends and the team. We want to defuse the financial situation and prevent further problems.

Security is also a high priority. We deeply regret this and apologize to all visitors, artists and their management, friends and helpers.

Important for all card buyers. As happened with other buyers, we also refund the buyed tickets without regret. However, this will take a moment, as our insurance will be here. Please send us a message to [email protected]

This should contain:

  • ticket number
  • order date
  • How to get the refund (PayPal or bank transfer)

We also will informe all ticket buyer by Mail.

Just for the history

The lineup scheduled to appear during the two-day convention, included names such as:

  • Dominique Dussault
  • Isaiah Firebrace
  • Sinplus
  • Cascada
  • Bojana Stamenov
  • Tom Dice
  • Ruth Lorenzo
  • Vânia Fernandes
  • Filipa Sousa
  • Poli Genova
  • Barei
  • Loreen
  • Anabel Conde
  • Wind
  • Bianca Shomburg
  • Lys Assia
  • Ireen Sheer
  • Lena Valaitis
  • Linda G. Thompson
  • Ingrid Peters
  • Cindy Berger
  • Lou
  • Donny Montell
  • Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan, Jay Aston (formaly as Bucks Fizz) a Bobby McVay.
  • Dutch Divas
  • Chiara
  • Jedward
  • Sandra Kim
  • Ruslana
  • Conchita
  • Charlotte Perrelli
  • Anne-Marie David
  • Hera Björk
  • Ira Losco
  • Siw Malmkvist
  • Valentina Monetta
  • Zoë Straub
  • Linda Martin

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