Live: Second quarter final in Slovakia

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The second quarter final of Eurosong 2010, Slovakia's selection method to determine the country's representative in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, is about to be held. Ten entries will compete for four spots in the semi finals. The voting procedure for the quarter finals is 100% televoting. The element of 50% jury voting will be added in the first semi final, to be held on February 14th.

How to watch?

A webcast will most likely be provided here again.


Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. Matka Guráž Listobranie
    (R. Ruman)
  2. Dominika Mirgová Cesta snov
    (D. Mirgová, Luky/D. Mirgová)
  3. Get ExplodeBlue sun
    (M. Ä�urko, L. KováÄ�)
  4. Mista Emotions
  5. Matej KoreÅ�Kocka pána Rubika
    (M. Kore�)
  6. Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid ErrorFigaro
    (P. Farnbauer, P. Jursa/P. Jursa)
  7. Peter BažíkParadise vs. Babylon
    (P. Bažík)
  8. Viki MatušovováUhol pohľadu
    (B. Oravec/M. Jurika, M. Brezáni)
  9. Metalinda KeÄ� strácam dych
    (P. Sámel)
  10. Funny Fellows Obrázok
    (R. Féder/Z. Haasová)

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Unfortunately, the webcast is not working properly again. Therefore we cannot provide a live coverage tonight.

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