Live: Second semi final in Finland

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The second semi final f the Finnish national selection for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Another five acts will compete for three spots in the national final.

How to watch?

An official webcast will be made available by YLE for viewers in Finland only here.

An international webcast is provided on here.You need to register first (you can use the google translator if you need assistance).

The participants

Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. Monday Play
    (Tuomas "Gary" Keskinen, Salla Lehtinen)
  2. Antti KleemolaSun puolella
    (Antti Kleemola, Mikko Karjalainen)
  3. Heli KajoAnnankadun kulmassa
    (Heli Kajo)
  4. Sister TwisterLove at the first sight
    (Jonas Olsson, Elin Blom/Elin Blom)
  5. Veeti KallioKerro mulle rakkaudesta
    (Veeti Kallio, Pekka Ruuska)

Your opinion

  • You can vote for your favourite song in our poll here.


The show is starting! Jaane Pelkonen welcomes the audience and she is joined by Mikko Peltola, her co-host. They introduce the televoting numbers for the five acts and without further ado, it is time for the first song.

1. Monday Play

Current poll result: 2nd (29.5%)

The show starts with glam pop/rock song. The performers use a classic visual contrast as they are all dressed in black and white. The song is catchy but maybe not outstanding within its genre. Compared to the studio version, the vocals are a bit shaky at some points, but generally this is a rather strong effort that could well make it to the final.

2. Antti KleemolaSun puolella

Current poll result: 5th (5.4%)

The second song tonight is a timeless singer/songwriter tune that could have taken part in any Eurovision Song Contest since the early 1970s. The singer performs it at the piano and the whole setting is very classy. Both the lead vocalist and the backing performers deliver a flawless job. Generally a very charming entry that might lose some of its charme if it were performed in English rather than Finnish.

3. Heli KajoAnnankadun kulmassa

Current poll result: 1st (45.5%)

Another tune that is somehow dated, but in a very charming way. The melody is very catchy and reminds of some of the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest entries in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The vocal performance starts off very well but loses some power during the chorus. Nevertheless, this is a very confident performance by Heli Kajo and her backing performers, who really seem to enjoy their time on stage.

4. Sister TwisterLove at the first sight

Current poll result: 3rd (13.4%)

Sister Twister perform a catchy pop/rock song with some electronic influences. The style is not to fram from Surferosa, who competed in MGP 2009. Desite a confident performance and a stage show that suits the song very well, it has to be mentioned that all-female groups (unlike female duos) often do not too well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

5. Veeti KallioKerro mulle rakkaudesta

Current poll result: 4th (6.3%)

The last song tonight is a classic 1980s rock ballad. The vocal performance is rather strong and the overall performance is very passionate. The stage show is kept very simple, which suits the song, although an even darker atmosphere might work even better for this entry. The two backing singers seem somehow out-of-place (and so do their outfits). This one might be a "dark horse" tonight but it should not be among the top favourites in the final.

This was the last performance and we can now join the hosts, who are doing some interviews in the greenroom, before the recap of the five entries is shown.

Our poll is closed for voting now. You can find the updated results above.

The results are in.

Antti Kleemola to the final! Heli Kajo to the final! Sister Twister to the final!

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