Results: Three acts qualified in Finland

by Marcus Klier 53 views

The second semi final of the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 was held tonight. Another five acts presented one song each and three of them were chosen by televoting to compete in the grand final on 30th January.

The following acts have qualified for the final on 30th January:

  • Antti KleemolaSun puolella
    (Antti Kleemola, Mikko Karjalainen)
  • Heli KajoAnnankadun kulmassa
    (Heli Kajo)
  • Sister TwisterLove at the first sight
    (Jonas Olsson, Elin Blom/Elin Blom)

This was the second of three semi finals. The third and last semi final will be held next week with another five acts competing. The non-qualifying acts are still in the running for a jury wildcard. poll results

The poll voters partly agreed with the results in the national final. Runaway poll winner Heli Kajo (45.5%) directly qualified for the final, and so did Sister Twister, who had finished third in the poll with 13.4%. However, the runner-up in the poll, Monday (29.5%) did not make it to the final. The third qualifer tonight was Antti Kleemola, who had finished last in the poll with 5.4% of the votes.

In 2009, Finland was represented by Waldo's People, who finished 12th in the first semi final but still qualified for the final thanks to the jury wildcard. In the final, the group came 25th and hence last with their song Lose control.