Eurovision 2017: Portugal overtakes the betting odds’ throne

by Michalis Vranis 16,696 views

Few hours before the Jury Rehearsal of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest grand Final, the betting odds show an impressive change as the winner. Portugal has now overtaken the first spot. Could that be the final result?

Fransesco Gabbani has been the ultimate favourite this year, since day 1 – the selection at San Remo festival. But as days are getting closer and closer to the actual final of the competition, the clear favourites have been swapping places. Currently, Portugal is in the lead, leaving Italy second and Bulgaria third.

Could it be the running order of the Grand Final of the participants which was decided right after the second semi-final? Or is it the strong performances by those 3 artists?

Who’s going to be crowned the next Eurovision Song Contest winner?

Interesting fact is that the Top3 winning countries are all represented by male singers, competing in different shows as Portugal competed in the first semi-final and Bulgaria in the second, leaving Italy being the country that belongs to the Big 5 and automatic qualified countries in Eurovision.

Do you agree with this change? Who’s your favourite to win tomorrow?