Eurovision 2017: Will my country qualify? – A Press Poll summary

by Gil Laufer 16,353 views

All 36 semifinalists have now rehearsed for the first time. Let’s take a look at the output of the daily press polls and try to get a better image on our Semifinals!

The Press Poll is a prediction toll introduced by ESCToday in 2015 in order to get a summary of each day of first rehearsals by presenting a simple question total of 35 members of the press in the press centre: Which three countries had the best three rehearsals today? Based on vocals, staging, backdrops, camera work and choreography. From each voter, five points are awarded to the first place, three to the second and one to the third. The maximum amount of points that a country can get is 175, with the record so far being 119 for Ukraine in 2016.

The poll is used mainly to show trends and get a first prediction regarding this year’s ESC. It is also stands as a reflection for delegations to understand whether they are on the right way or if some actions should be taken prior to the upcoming rehearsals.

In 2016, the press poll has managed to predict 18 out of the 20 qualifiers as well as the exact top 3 of the final in the right order (Ukraine-Australia-Russia).

As votes for each day are given separately, it is impossible to simply sort the countries by the total result. Further analysis must be taken into account, and luckily we did that for you!

Let’s take a look at this year’s results, and divide the countries into three groups:

  • D (Direct Qualification) – Countries with a strong first rehearsal that should qualify to the final without problems.
  • S (Swinging Qualification) – Countries that should qualify depends on improvement in further rehearsals or further less predictable factors as voting patterns.
  • N (Non Qualification) – Countries that are unlikely to qualify without huge improvements or should qualify based on less predictable factors.

In both semifinals, the first half is stronger than the second one. Hence, countries from the first half with lower score might end up higher than countries with higher score from the second half.

Semifinal 1

Country Entry Score
1 D Armenia ArtsvikFly with me 100
2 D Finland Norma JohnBlackbird 72
3 D Moldova SunStroke ProjectHey mamma! 69
4 D Azerbaijan Dihaj Skeletons 65
5 D Portugal Salvador Sobral Amar pelos dois 64
6 D Sweden Robin Bengtsson I can’t go on 39
7 D Australia IsaiahDon’t come easy 37
8 S Cyprus HovigGravity 40
9 S Latvia Triana Park Line 30
10 S Greece DemyThis is love 22
11 S Poland Kasia MośFlashlight 20
12 S Slovenia Omar NaberOn my way 17
13 N Montenegro Slavko KalezićSpace 16
14 N Georgia Tamara GachechiladzeKeep the faith 13
15 N Iceland SvalaPaper 11
16 N Albania LinditaWorld 9
17 N Czech Republic Martina BártaMy turn 6
18 N Belgium BlancheCity lights 0

Semifinal 2

Country Entry Score
1 D Bulgaria Kristian Kostov Beautiful mess 97
2 D Austria Nathan TrentRunning on air 79
3 D Romania Ilinca and Alex Florea Yodel it! 72
4 D The Netherlands OG3NELights and shadows 54
5 D Hungary Joci PápaiOrigo 39
6 D Croatia Jacques HoudekMy friend 50
7 D Estonia Koit Toome & LauraVerona 43
8 D Belarus NAVIBANDStory of my life 43
9 S Denmark Anja Where I am 29
10 S Norway JOWSTGrab the moment 30
11 S San Marino Valentina Monetta & Jimmie WilsonSpirit of the night 27
12 S FYR Macedonia Jana BurčeskaDance alone 18
13 S Israel IMRI I feel alive 16
14 N Ireland Brendan MurrayDying to try 14
15 N Malta Claudia FanielloBreathlessly 10
16 N Switzerland TimebelleApollo 6
17 N Serbia Tijana BogićevićIn too deep 0
18 N Lithuania FusedmarcRain of revolution 3

The Press poll will continue on Friday, 5 May, with the first rehearsals of the host country and the big 5, and will come back for a final round at the jury final on 12 May to check who will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

Stay tuned to ESCToday for more news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!