OGAE Poll 2017: Check out the votes from EC Germany

by Jessica Weaver 2,177 views

Voting has almost concluded in the OGAE International Poll 2017 has we move on to the last few sets of votes from the remaining OGAE clubs, but who has will rank in the top 10 of this year’s poll?

The second German club to vote in the OGAE Poll 2017 is EC Germany, with their top set of points flying over to Italy in first place, Belgium in second and Estonia in third.

Check out the whole top 10 from EC Germany here!

Points from EC Germany

  • 1 point goes to FYR Macedonia
  • 2 points go to Bulgaria
  • 3 points go to Israel
  • 4 points go to Finland
  • 5 points go to Sweden
  • 6 points go to France
  • 7 points go to Portugal
  • 8 points go to Estonia
  • 10 points go to Belgium
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 3

  1. Italy: 449 points
  2. Belgium: 300 points
  3. Sweden: 289 points

With the coming votes, we’ll get to know all the favourites of the fan club members in the OGAE Poll 2017 in the lead up to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Stay tuned as the votes continue to roll in!