Eurovision 2017: New art plane presented in Kyiv for Eurovision

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 812 views

Eurovision fever has hit Kyiv! The fascinating capital of Ukraine is gearing up in full force for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. A special art plane has been unveiled at the Kyiv International Airport specially for Eurovision.

Ms. Halyna Bohdanenko (Head of Kyiv International Airport press service) says:

Our art-plane is unique: it has been a delight to the eye of Kyiv guests and inhabitants for more than two years. Thousands of selfies with it were made and circulated all over the world. The plane became a ‘Kyiv’ airport landmark. So it was time to change into new ‘clothes’. Meet our art-plane in colors of Eurovision 2017.

Mr. Gennadiy Kurochka (Senior Project Manager and Managing Partner at CFC Consulting) comments:

Our idea was not only to show a beautiful place in colors of Eurovision, but draw Kyiv guests’ attention to Ukrainian aircraft industry. In terms of aircraft industry development Ukraine is among the most developed countries. This gorgeous AN-24 aircraft which is an artistic landmark of ‘Kyiv’ airport has been here for many years, and it still inspires. I’m really grateful to my colleagues for a chance to get important messages across to foreign guests in this creative way

Mr. Oleksandr Khokhlov, director of AN-132 program at Antonov State Enterprise also expressed his gratitude to the project organizers for new art-look of AN-24 and said that in June this year SE Antonov together with its partners from Saudi Arabia is planning to exhibit a new pride, Ukrainian aircraft AN-132 at airshow in France.

Artists Andrii Kovtun and Viktoriia Laim ornamented the place. Andrii is a representative of the third generation of “aviation” family. His grandfather was a pilot, his father was an aeromechanic, and Andrii is an artist who ornaments aircrafts. The artist made a joke during the unveiling ceremony:

If the three of us were working together, my father would repair planes, I would ornament them and my grandfather would be a pilot. It would be a dream team.

The artists said that the weather was not especially favorable while they were painting this art-object, but they managed it despite anything. Now it is the only plane in Ukraine ornamented in Eurovision2017 style.

The  authorities from Kyiv International Airport welcome everyone to visit the airport and  check out the Eurovision-plane. So come and take out a selfie with the ESC Plane!