INFE Poll 2017: Bringing you the results from Spain

by Jessica Weaver 3,224 views

Today’s the day we unveil the tenth set of votes in the first official year of the INFE Poll! Over the coming days, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will be presenting you with the results of the first official INFE Poll, with votes gathered and combined from INFE clubs based in Europe and beyond!

Throughout this month, the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) in collaboration with ESCToday will be bringing you the full results of the official INFE Poll 2017, the first of its kind for the network since its formation back in 2011.

Members based in 18 clubs across the INFE Network have submitted their votes which have been counted and combined, ready to be officially presented over the remaining days to come.

The tenth set of votes of the year come from INFE Spain. With Italy having already received 7 out of 9 possible 12 points, will the Spanish club continue Francesco Gabbani’s winning streak? Check out their full set of points!

Votes from INFE Spain

  • 1 point goes to Ireland
  • 2 points go to Israel
  • 3 points go to Finland
  • 4 points go to FYR Macedonia
  • 5 points go to France
  • 6 points go to Estonia
  • 7 points go to Portugal
  • 8 points go to Sweden
  • 10 points go to Belgium
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 5

  1. Italy: 111 points
  2. Bulgaria: 71 points
  3. Sweden: 67 points
  4. Belgium: 44 points
  5. France: 39 points

With Bulgaria receiving 0 points from INFE Spain, a gap between the first and second-placed entries continues to widen, with Italy now taking a 40 point lead and Sweden getting ever-so-closer to the second place position.

The battle for fourth continues between Belgium and France, with Belgium once again climbing up the leaderboard. Stay tuned as we unveil the coming set of points in the INFE Poll 2017 here at ESCToday together with the INFE Network!

All about INFE Spain (AEV España)

INFE Spain, known under its official name AEV España, is a Eurovision fan club which was created in 1989, the aim of which to connect all Eurofans across Spain who were living their hobby alone.

AEV España has hosted an annual convention since 1991; hosted in a different Spanish town each year, AEV España members join to share their experiences of the year as well as meet to organise a virtual Eurovision-style festival among the provinces of Spain.

Registered as an official cultural association in Spain, AEV España hosts official meetings on a yearly basis and throughout the year, the Spanish fan club hosts a total of 4 virtual festivals as well as publishing their member-written annual magazine, Olevision, 3 times a years.

The main target of its members is to enjoy Eurovision amongst friends and to socialise with fellow members both online and in person.

Find out more about AEV España by visiting their official fan club website!