INFE Poll 2017: Starting this Monday!

by Jessica Weaver 3,484 views

Introducing the brand new INFE Poll! In a first for the network, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will exclusively be bringing you the results of the debut INFE Poll, which sees clubs from across Europe and beyond voting for their favourite entries of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

For the first time since the formation of the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) back in 2011, the official INFE Network Poll will make its official introduction and debut in the year of 2017.

Members from a total of 12 clubs have cast their votes in this year’s poll over the past number of days and weeks, each of which have since been gathered, combined and are set to be presented exclusively through ESCToday together with the INFE Network over the coming month.

Starting tomorrow, the official results from every INFE club will be officially unveiled with the full top 10 of every INFE club, each being presented in the traditional Eurovision voting system: 1 to 8 points followed by 10 and 12 points for the top entries.

Each club’s votes will then be combined together and a winner will be determined by the end of the month, but who is set to be crowned the winner of the INFE Poll 2017? We will find out in due course!

All about the INFE Network

The International Network of Fan Clubs of Eurovision was founded by The Greek Eurovision Song Contest Fan Club back in 2011 and is the newest alternative proposal for Eurovision fan clubs. The Network has received the EBU’s official recognition and support from the very beginning and has established its presence in every Eurovision Song Contest since.

The main objective and purpose of the INFE Network is to unite all fans throughout scattered clubs from across Europe and beyond in further continents in a common network to promote the idea of being a member of a Eurovision fan club and the Eurovision Family of Events.

Its members are working on spreading the Eurovision idea around the globe through their websites, blogs and social media accounts, as well as through a variety of activities hosted by each of the national clubs.

The INFE Network currently has members based in more than 13 countries and is progressively expanding to new countries, with hundreds of members being counted to date.

Stay tuned for the first set of INFE Poll 2017 votes starting tomorrow!