Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov strengthens his Eurovision team

by Stratos Agadellis 1,485 views

The Bulgarian delegation for Eurovision seems to have high targets for their 2017 placing and that’s why they have selected very successful professionals to collaborate with. According to the Bulgarian broadcaster BNT, the very famous Swedish choreographer Sasha Jean-Baptiste joins the team of Kristian Kostov in order to help out in the preparations for the final performance.

The staging of the entry

Sasha is a famous choreographer in Sweden and abroad. She has joined forces with big names of the Swedish music industry and has plenty of experience in organizing such performances, as well as concerts and tours.

The choreographer has been involved previously in the contest three times, with the last being in 2016 as a stage director for Georgia and again in 2012 and 2013. She is also one of the main choreographers for the most watched Swedish music show, Melodifestivalen.

About Kristian, Sasha stated:

When I first met with Kristian, I saw a proud and dedicated young artist who worked hard to do the best for his country. He has a very true sense of the energy of the song and how to pass it on to the Eurovision Song Contest. Regarding the stage performance, our focus will be on the pure vision and messages. My most successful projects were when I was able to precisely discover the artist’s natural emotion and raise it. Kristian’s eyes are telling a lot – that’s a major focus.

Choreographer Milen Dankov will also be involved in the stage performance. Milen was the choreographer of Kristian for his very first music video Not for me and for the video of his Eurovision entry Beautiful mess. An experienced choreographer, he has undertaken prestigious and strong projects, such as the X Factor, the Voice of Bulgaria and Annual Music Awards of BG Radio.

The vocals

When it comes to the vocal performance, Kristian cooperates with his mentor in X Factor Bulgaria Iskra Milkova. An expert to such topics, she has graduated with two master’s degrees from Assoc. Prof. Stefka Onyanan and Prof. Yildiz Ibrahimova. She also holds a certificate from the California Institute for Vocal Progress (IVA) and is the founder of the HighLight Singing Studio.

Three backing vocalists will accompany Kristian Kostov onstage. They will be the Austrian performer Cesàr and Bulgarian singer and R&B performer BOBO (Borislav Dimitrov) from Symphonics, both already known as backing vocalists to last year’s Bulgarian entrant, Poli Genova. The new vocal of the Slegg group – Vladimir Mihaylov, comes as the new blood of the vocalists.

In order to get in touch with his fans, Kristian has challenged them to make a Musical.ly on his entry. With a post on his official Instagram account, he promised to like, comment or even follow the best ones:

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Bulgarian hopeful Kristian Kostov will participate 15th in the second semi-final on 11 May. The 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 9, 11 and 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.