Armenia: Five backing performers for Artsvik in Kyiv

by Eleanor Cooper 1,520 views

This year’s Armenian entrant, Artsvik, has revealed she will be accompanied by three backing vocalists and two dancers in Kyiv.

The performance will be choreographed by the Swedish producer Sasha Jean-Baptiste for the second year running. Last year, he choreographed Iveta Mukuchyan’s 7th-placing LoveWave.

Sasha Jean-Baptiste said he was impressed with the strength, tone and beauty of Artsvik’s voice when he first had the opportunity to listen to her Eurovision song Fly with me.

“I was fascinated by her charm, femininity and sincerity. When I heard the song, I realised that all this was very powerful, especially adding the various innovative elements,” he said, adding that the expected performance can be described in three words: modern, experimental, and intriguing.

The dancers on stage with Artsvik will be Marlene Lindale and Fanny Svensone, who come from Sweden. The backing vocalists will be Anoushik Ter-Ghukasyan, who also provided backing vocals for Iveta last year, and Artsvik’s fellow Depi Evratesil contestants Amaliya Margaryan and Viktoria Poghosyan.

Viktoria told Armenian media:

This is an international project. The dancers are from Sweden, and rehearsals will take place in Armenia, Sweden and obviously, Ukraine.

Armenia will be represented by Artsvik singing Fly with me at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. She will perform in the 16th slot in the first semi-final, on Tuesday 9th May 2017.