Germany: Cascada to perform live shows across Europe

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 792 views

Cascada, who represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, are making a number of live appearances throughout Europe later this year.

As well as taking part in Eurovision 2013 in Malmö, Sweden with their song Glorious they have sold over 30 millions albums worldwide and are one of the biggest German bands of the 21st century.

They went on to release their first music in two years in January this year with their single Run, and have just released their newest single called Playground.

Cascada on tour

Cascada will be playing shows in the UK, Norway, Austria, Spain and Germany from April to November this year. Dates and ticket information for their live shows can be found here and here. Tickets are currently available for the below dates:

  • 30/04: Box (Belfast, United Kingdom)
  • 06/05: Landstreff (Lillehammer, Norway)
  • 07/05: Pontins (Southport, United Kingdom)
  • 24/05: Cheeese (Hirschback, Austria)
  • 26/05: Loveshack (Durham, United Kingdom)
  • 27/05: The Elk (Antrim, United Kingdom)
  • 27/05: Ruby’s (Antrim, United Kingdom)
  • 28/05: Bongos Bingo (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  • 02/06: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)
  • 03/06: Students Union (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
  • 04/06: Students Union (Exeter, United Kingdom)
  • 09/06: Stadtfest (Wittenberg, Germany)
  • 16/06: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)
  • 07/07: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)
  • 28/07: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)
  • 07/08: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)
  • 25/08: Bananas (Magalluf, Spain)

You can revisit their performance in Eurovision 2013 below: