INFE Poll 2017: Continuing with votes from the Czech Republic

by Jessica Weaver 2,972 views

We have our next set of 10 INFE Poll 2017 votes! Over the coming days, ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network will be presenting you with the results of the first official INFE Poll, with votes gathered and combined from INFE clubs based in Europe and beyond!

Throughout this month, the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (INFE) in collaboration with ESCToday will be bringing you the full results of the official INFE Poll 2017, the first of its kind for the network since its formation back in 2011.

Members based in 18 clubs across the INFE Network have submitted their votes which have been counted and combined, ready to be officially presented over the remaining days to come.

Ten more votes fly in today, this time coming from INFE Czech Republic! Will their results have a high impact on the top 10? Let’s have a look at the Czech votes!

Votes from INFE Czech Republic

  • 1 point goes to Israel
  • 2 points go to Greece
  • 3 points go to Norway
  • 4 points go to Sweden
  • 5 points go to Austria
  • 6 points go to Switzerland
  • 7 points go to Belarus
  • 8 points go to France
  • 10 points go to Romania
  • 12 points go to Italy!

Current top 5

  1. Italy: 87 points
  2. Bulgaria: 63 points
  3. Sweden: 53 points
  4. Belgium: 34 points
  5. France: 29 points

Francesco Gabbani’s success in the INFE Poll 2017 continues with the lead growing following the Czech results; both Norway and Romania receiving their first set of votes, the latter of which receiving the second highest amount of points possible.

Azerbaijan drops down to 6th place in the INFE Poll 2017 with France overtaking for the time being. Is that set to change in the days to come? Stay tuned as ESCToday in collaboration with the INFE Network presents you the remaining INFE Poll 2017 results in the coming days!

All about INFE Czech Republic (Eurocontest)

INFE Czech Republic, known under its original name Eurocontest, joined the INFE Network in 2012.

Eurocontest is one of the most active Eurovision fan groups in the Czech Republic, providing all of the latest information on the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Junior Eurovision Song Contest and all other Eurovision related events.

Eurocontest arranges regular Eurofan meet-ups and events within the Czech Republic, including meetings with their national Eurostars and representatives!

Find out more about Eurocontest by visiting their official website!