Discover Kyiv: The Murals in the city: urban art

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,664 views

When it comes to art, Kyiv has much to offer for art lovers besides its Kievan Rus heritage and treasures. Yes, we are talking about modern art and the celebrated murals which decorate the various buildings, streets and squares of the sprawling Ukrainian capital.

Kyiv Mural- Red Bicycle (photo credit:

When in Kyiv do not miss the opportunity to check out the various murals decorating the city and depicting the art work of many artists. Kyiv has become into an open air art museum with a myriad of fresco wall paintings spread all over the city.

Each fresco and painting has a story and meaning behind it. I must say that the Kyiv murals are a feast for your eyes if you appreciate art! Yes we are talking none other than Kyiv’s unique urban culture.

I was personally quite impressed with these wall paintings when I was strolling around the city. The mural fever kicked off in Kyiv in 2014 and today decorates more than 30 walls in the city, depicting the art work of both local and international street artists.

Sergio checking out the fabulous murals in Kyiv.

You can check out the the interactive map showcasing where each mural is located in Kyiv here.

Remember that there are lots of stunning murals throughout the city. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes in order to explore the sites and sounds of Kyiv!

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