Cyprus: Hovig performs an Armenian song

by Stratos Agadellis 1,184 views

The Cypriot singer and 2017 representative, Hovig has accepted a challenge from the Armenian entrant Artsvik to sing in Armenian, after she sang a Cypriot song!

The background story

It all began when Artsvik performed a German song titled Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust. After that, she challenged the German entrant Levina to sing in Armenian, something that she accepted! Then, Artsvik sang the Cypriot song To γιασεμίν (The Jasmine) and challenged Hovig to sing in her own language! He accepted it and the result is right below!

Hovig, who is also of Armenian descent, posted a video on his official Facebook page with him singing the Armenian song Yeraz im hayreni (My Dream Homeland) by Robert Amirkhanyan.

My dear Artsvik, here's my reply to your #CelebrateDiversityChallenge – singing the Armenian song "Yeraz Im Yerkir Hayreni" as you requested!

Posted by Hovig on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Here is the official music video of the Cypriot 2017 entry, Gravity:

Hovig, with his entry Gravity, is set to participate 15th in the first semi-final of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest. Under the flag of Cyprus, he is hoping for one ticket to the final of 13 May at the IEC in Kyiv, Ukraine.