Greece: competing song leaks online; ERT’s reaction

by Michalis Vranis 3,164 views

The last couple of days, the Eurovision world has seen a number of songs leaking online. Today it was the day for Greece, as one of Demy’s candidate songs leaked online. Well, almost!

This is love on Youtube

The story so far is that one of the 3 competing song This is love, which will participate at the Greek national final taking place next Monday, appeared online on Youtube earlier today. This puts lots of questions on the table as to who received the working demo of the video clip and the song and uploaded them online.

ERT’s reaction

It was reported by the Greek journalist Grigoris Melas, that ERT was holding a meeting whether to decide the disqualification or not of the leaked song. In fact, ESCToday came to know that the meeting was focused on the decision of whether releasing the rest two songs or not. Finally it was decided that the procedure will go as planned.

In light of the event, ESCToday decided to contact Demy’s team in order to shed more light on the matter. Demy’s team revealed to ESCToday that the leaked song and video clip are neither the final versions of the song and that they are currently both under development. On ERT’s behalf, the songs’ presentation will happen as initially planed, on Monday 6 March. Although, no penalty has been discussed about the leaked song.

Since both the song and the video are not final yet, ESCToday will respect Greek team’s work and will not reproduce any links to the leaked song.

The leaked version on Youtube got viewed 533 times before it was taken down