Sweden: Robin Bengtsson records a Eurovision-friendly version of I can’t go on

by Gil Laufer 1,805 views

This year’s Melodifestivalen see a wide use of the f-word, during the presentation or within the lyrics of a couple of entries. As this is against the EBU rules regarding a Eurovision entry, Robin Bengtsson already prepares for a case of winning the Swedish ticket to Kyiv.

Lisa Ajax, qualified to the Andra chansen (Second chance) round from Semifinal 2 is repeating the word fuck no less than ten times in her song I don’t give a. Robin Bengtsson, using the same word in this song I can’t go on, has qualified direct to the final from last Saturday’s semifinal.

Both Lisa and Robin were criticized for the use of the word and Robin spent the day yesterday recording a new version, introducing the word freaking instead.

Min måndag. Vad gör ni?

Ett inlägg delat av Robin Bengtsson (@robinbengtssons)

“I’m not changing it because I have to. But I want to – if for example I’m winning the contest and will go to Eurovision – I can’t sing it as it is and then I’ll be forced to change the word. So I decided to do it now, and radio stations in other countries don’t play songs with this word, so there must be a radio edit.”, said Robin in an interview on the TV show Breaking news on Swedish Channel 5.

It is not the first time that such a change happens in the Eurovision world as Silvia Night from Iceland had to do the same move with her entry Congratulations in 2006.

The new version of I can’t go on will already be featured during the final of Melodifestivalen 2017, on 11 March.