Watch now: Semi-final 1 of A Dal 2017 in Hungary

by Jessica Weaver 825 views

We’re back in Hungary this evening for the first semi-final show of A Dal 2017! A total of 10 acts will compete, but which acts will we see in next Saturday’s grand final?

How to watch

Semi-final 1 of A Dal 2017 will air from 19:30 CET on the following channels:

Tonight’s show

With 3 heats down, it’s time for the semi-final stage of the Hungarian national selection for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest to begin!

This evening will see a total of 10 acts competing for the right to continue their journey in the competition, with the eventual aim of winning the contest and represent their country in the host city of Kyiv this coming May.

Semi-final 1 participants

  • Gina KanizsaFall like rain
  • ChaseDust in the wind
  • Spoon 21Deák
  • Dávid HendersonWhite shadows
  • Viki SinghRain
  • Joci PápaiOrigo
  • The CoupleVége van
  • Gigi RadicsSee it through
  • SoulwaveKalandor

A total of 4 songs will qualify to next Saturday’s A Dal 2017 final; 3 qualifiers will be determined via a combined jury (80%) and public (20%) vote, whilst the fourth and final qualifier will be decided via a 100% public vote.

A Dal 2017 continues tomorrow evening with semi-final 2 of the competition which will see a further 4 acts qualify to the final of the selection, meaning a total of 8 finalists will appear in next Saturday’s show.

A Dal 2017 agenda

  • 14/01: Heat 1
  • 28/01: Heat 2
  • 04/02: Heat 3
  • 10/02: Semi-final 1
  • 11/02: Semi-final 2
  • 18/02: Final