Georgia: Tako Gachechiladze awaits the “warm Ukrainian welcome”

by Eleanor Cooper 377 views

The Georgian representative in the Eurovision song contest 2017, Tako Gachechiladze, has given an interview to Ukrainian press, and is looking forward to spending more time in Ukraine.

Tako Gachechiladze recently performed in the first semi-final of the Ukrainian national selection process, and gave an interview while she was there.

Following her weekend appearance, Gachechiladze spoke to Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC about the national selection process in Georgia, describing it as very interesting. She went on to talk about her Eurovision 2017 entry:

It’s called Keep the faith. I wrote it with his producer Anri Jokhadze, who participated in Eurovision 2012 [with the song I’m a joker]. The song says that in your hardest moments, you still have to believe in yourself. I believe that in the life of every single person there are difficult situations. I want the song to give hope to everyone.

Gachechiladze went on to tease her staging for the competition this coming May:

I can only say that we will produce a new video. My dress will be different too, I don’t like to repeat outfits!

The Keep the faith singer spoke of her friendship and collaboration with former Georgian representative; Jokhadze:

We are childhood friends! He is a talented composer, and a very professional producer of Eurovision 2017 song. I trust him and appreciate his experience, which obviously includes performing at this international competition. At first, he refused to go in for our national final. I told him his experience would give him a huge advantage over the younger and inexperienced competition. And then he offered me his music for the song!

When asked what she expected to see in Ukraine during her Eurovision participation, Gachechiladze revealed:

Support from people and to win. Why not? And a very warm Ukrainian welcome. I know that your people are very fond of Georgians.

You can read the full interview via UA:PBC’s official website.

Tako Gachechiladze will sing her song Keep the faith for Georgia in the first half of the first semi-final on Tuesday 9th May 2017.