Tonight: Second heat of A Dal 2017 in Hungary

by Eleanor Cooper 322 views

After six songs out of ten went through the to the semi-final stage last Saturday, tonight Hungary will select their next six favourites in their national selection for Eurovision 2017, A Dal.

How to watch?

The show will begin at 19:30 CET and will be broadcast on the following channels:

The show

Tonight’s show will be hosted by Csilla Tatár, who gave the Hungarian points in Eurovision 2015 and 2016, and Levente Harsányi. Levente has been on the Hungarian Eurovision scene since 2008, when he hosted the national final, and in 2014 and 2015 played an important part in Hungarian Eurovision coverage.

Five qualifiers will be chosen by a mix of jury (80%) and app voting (20%), while the sixth qualifier will be chosen afterwards by televoting alone.

Tonight’s participants

  1. Joci Pápai – Origo
  2. Orsi SapszonHunyd le szemed
  3. The CoupleVége van
  4. Zävodi + Olivér Berkes – #háttérzaj
  5. Kyra Fedor – Got to be a day
  6. Enikő MuriJericho
  7. Benjámin PálFather’s eyes
  8. Gigi RadicsSee it through
  9. SoulwaveKalandor
  10. TOTOVA – Hosszú idők

A Dal 2017 agenda

  • 14/01: Heat 1
  • 21/01: Heat 2
  • 28/01: Heat 3
  • 04/02: Semi-final 1
  • 11/02: Semi-final 2
  • 18/02: Final