Slovenia: EMA 2017 participants and dates revealed

by Jessica Weaver 2,148 views

We now know the 16 participants all set and ready to compete in the Slovenian national selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, EMA 2017, as was revealed today by the country’s national broadcaster RTVSLO along with the dates of the competition.

During the television show Vikend paket this afternoon, the 16 participants for Slovenia’s upcoming national selection, EMA (Evrovizijska Melodija), were presented to the public for the very first time.

EMA 2017 participants

With the semi-finals being reintroduced to EMA 2017 following a change to the selection format, the 16 participants have been split into 2 sets of semi-finals; 8 in each. The semi-finals will take place on the 17 and 18 February 2017.

17/02: Semi-final 1

  • Amaya (Maja Keuc, Slovenia 2011)
  • King Foo
  • Lea Sirk
  • Nika Zorjan
  • Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005)
  • Sell Out
  • Tosca Beat
  • Zala Đurić Ribič

18/02: Semi-final 2

  • Alya
  • BQL
  • Ina Shai
  • Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
  • Nuška Drašček
  • Raiven
  • Tim Kores Kori
  • United Pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko

Four acts will proceed from each semi-final, with 8 acts competing in the Grand Final of the selection which will take place on the 24 February 2017. The winner will be determined via a 50/50 televote/jury vote.

The song titles along with the composers of each of the participant’s entries are expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

EMA 2017 dates

  • 17/02: Semi-final 1 (8 participants, 4 qualifiers)
  • 18/02: Semi-final 2 (8 participants, 4 qualifiers)
  • 24/02: Grand Final