Predict the jury result

by Benny Royston 102 views

The 7th annual BigPoll is already underway and more than 60,000 predictions have already been made. The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest have changed significantly since the launch of that poll. There are now semi finals and jury input into which songs qualify. So now, is asking our readers to predict the jury result.

The BigPoll predicts the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest, but this year, juries will provide half of the votes in each country's result and as in 2008, the juries will select one song to qualify from each semi final.

So is asking our readers to predict which song will top the jury result for each semi final. By predicting in this way, we will be able to match the jury chosen '10th song' to qualify from each show and see whether our readers are as good at predicting the jury result as they are at predicting the televote outcome.

To cast your JURY VOTE prediction, please click on the links below.

Remember, you can vote for your favourite song in each semi final and overall in the YourOne 2009 polls here:

And of course, you can predict the outcome of the semi finals in the BigPoll here.

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