UPD Latvia: Intars Busulis leaves to Moscow

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On a sunny afternoon of May 3, 2009, the representatives of Latvian media and Intars Busulis' fans gathered at Riga Railway Station to see off and wish good luck to the Latvian team to Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

A couple of weeks ago esctoday.com wrote about the press conference Intars Busulis and the Latvian Broadcaster (LTV)held on a tram claiming that it was one of the means of transportation that does not belong to Probka or traffic jams. To reach Moscow, the Latvians have decided to take a train, another vehicle which is not affected by a rush hour.

After paying a visit to Latvijas Krajbanka, one of the supporters of the Latvian delegation on their way to Eurovision Song Contest, Intars Busulis, his team and the journalists headed to have a coffee break at Narvesen which is another generous friend of the musicians. At the Narvesen store Intars received a suitcase with a sign – I sing the way I want! Riga – Moscow – Victory! – which he had to fill with the goods he considered to be of importance during the coming two weeks.

The members of the Latvian delegation wear unique badges designed especially for Eurovision 2009. The badge symbolises the idea of the song – "down with inhibitions, prejudices, bans and stereotypes and set the mind, creativity and heart free to enjoy the life without Probka! Sometimes Probka or traffic jams are not only on the streets, but in our heads as well. The song suggests letting the strict rules and regulations in our minds go and allow ourselves to seize the day".

On the platform, the media people as well as the arriving and departing passengers had an opportunity to listen to Probka performed live before the voice in the railway station speakers announced that the delegation and musicians had to head to their train.

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Intars Busulis sends his greetings:


Probka will be perfomed by Intars Busulis representing Latvia at the second semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contests 2009.

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