Eurovision 2009: Last 3 press conferences

by René Romkes 94 views

Susanna Georgi from Andorra, Lovebugs from Switzerland and Hadise from Turkey were the last three countries to rehearse today. Right after the rehearsals they answered questions to the gathered press during their press conferences.


First of all Susanna told the press how honoured she was to represent Andorra in this year’s contest. Susanna: "The Eurovision Song Contest is a big event for a small country like Andorra, so I feel very proud." Somebody asked her if she would be willing to represent Denmark someday as well, as Susanna was born in Denmark. "I don’t know if I’ll ever represent Denmark, but I wouldn’t refuse if they asked me. To be honest, my heart belongs totwo countries; both Denmark and Andorra", the singer stated. Susanna was asked to sing twice during her press conference. First of all she sang a part of her worldwide hit she had in the nineties with her sister (Me and My) called Dub i dub. Right after that, she sang a part of her Eurovision entry La teva decisió (Get a life). Susanna made one thing clear to the press: she hadn’t come to Moscow just for fun: "I’m here with a goal and that’s winning the contest! Of course it would be a big achievement for Andorra to make it to the final, but my real goal is to win the contest!"


Swiss band Lovebugs just finished a tour with the Rolling Stones. They told about their latest album which had been produced by Richard Rainey, who had worked together with U2 as well. In their career they gave more than 1000 concerts already. According to the Swiss Head of Delegation, Mr. Florian Kohler, it was Lovebugs’ fame which paved their way to Moscow: "We had an internal selection in Switzerland, but Lovebugs can count on the support of the entire Swiss nation", Kohler stated. When the guys were asked about their musical influences, they answered unanimously: rock ‘n’ roll! "And trust me, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll will only be good for this contest", one of the band members said. The band will have a full schedule during their stay in Moscow. They will perform in a Russian TV show and they planned several concerts at all the Eurovision parties.


The Turkish representative told the press how happy she was to be one of this year’s pre-contest favourites: "I will do the best I can and I want to enjoy every minute of it. I haven’t been focusing on my competitors at all, just because I didn’t have the time. At the moment I’m really living my dream and my preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest made me grow as a person: I laughed and I cried, but I came out of it stronger! Finally I’ m here in Moscow and it feels great", Hadise said. Then the singer wanted to clear all the rumours about her so called ‘obscene’ videoclip: "I’ll explain it for once and for all, because there has been so much nonsense in the press about it. Our video leaked on the internet. Then everybody was saying that TRT didn’t agree on the videoclip; it would be too erotic. That’s not true though! I love to be sexy on stage and TRT knows that as well. They have no problems with that otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen me to represent the country."Finally Hadise also told the press about the big promotional tour she did. She visited Malta, Greece, Spain, Andorra, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Moldova and FYR Macedonia. Hadise: "It was a great experience getting to know all these different cultures!"

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