Ukraine wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!

by Jessica Weaver 1,877 views

The final results are in and we have a winner! Ukraine and Jamala has won the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 1944, receiving a grand total of 534 points!

It’s been an intense but exciting evening here at the Globe Arena where we saw the 26 finalists at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 perform onstage for the last time, hoping to be crowned the winner of the annual contest and bring the contest to their home nation in 2017!

We witnessed a stunning fashion show, a musical treat from American superstar Justin Timberlake himself and a number of comedy sketches which brought us a lot of laughs, all in the lead up to tonight’s highly anticipated results.

Tonight saw the introduction of the new voting system which is set to be used in all future editions of the competition, in which the jury votes were revealed separately from those of the public televote.

With the 42 spokespersons announcing the votes of the national jury members from the competing nations, it was Dami Im from Australia who was leading on the scoreboard before the revelation of the public televote.

The votes were revealed in an exciting build up with only the votes of the top 4 of the televote remaining (Poland, Australia, Ukraine and Russia). However, it was Russia who received the top marks from the televote but, combined with the jury votes, it was Jamala from Ukraine who won the competition with the entry 1944, receiving a total of 534 points.