Anouk: “I would sing for Netherlands”

by Benny Royston 165 views

Dutch superstar Anouk has delighted fans of the Eurovision Song Contest by declaring to that she would represent the country in Moscow. In an interview to be published tomorrow (Tuesday), she says that she would go, but does not want to compete in a national final. She has a plan for a national selection with three or four songs written by her and the public would be allowed to choose which she would sing in the competition.

Earlier this month the talented singer won a Dutch poll of readers who had the chance to vote for their choice to represent the country in Moscow. Cornald Maas, the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest commentator told that he thought she would be a great choice but did not think she would want to go to the Eurovision Song Contest. He is thrilled that she wants to do it and thinks her authentic style is just what the country needs to get back to the Eurovision Song Contest final.

Anouk is currently the biggest star in The Netherlands and it would be a huge boost to the competition to see the country sending one of its best home grown artists to Moscow. will publish an exclusive interview with her tomorrow along with more news about Dutch plans for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.