The Netherlands: The story continues

by René Romkes 81 views

Yesterday we already reported that Dutch broadcaster NOS started negotiations with Dutch singer Anouk about a possible participation in the Eurovision Song Contest next year. Today the entire Dutch media was on the news, which lead to some confusion as well.

Some Dutch press agencies and websites made it look like as if Anouk applied for a Eurovision ticket herself.Tonight, Anouk’s management stated that Anouk was contacted by the Dutch broadcaster; she didn’t take the first step herself! Earlier tonight, showbizz magazine SBS 6 Shownieuws reported that Anouk was not amused about these false press releases, and that she had stopped the negotiations with NOS right away.

This doesn’t seem to be very reliable though, as we have reasons to believe that Anouk’s management and the broadcaster are still on speaking terms.

Cornald Maas, the Dutch commentator: ‘There’s no reason at all to blow this up. Everybody knows that NOS contacted Anouk. We all know that the broadcaster is very happy with the interest of Anouk: nobody expected that in the first place! Lets wait and see where the negotiations might lead to.’

Last Saturday got the chance to ask Anouk some quick questions about her possible participation in Moscow. First of all, she told us that she was nicely surprised to be chosen as the best choice for the Eurovision Song Contest by the Dutch fans. ‘I’m willing to consider it, if the NOS sends me an invitation. I don’t want to compete with other artists in a national songcontest though.'

Apparently, the Dutch artist had some thoughts as well already about the song selection: ‘I would like to write a couple of songs myself, and present them to the NOS. It would be up to them to pick the most suitable song, or maybe the public could have a say in it as well.'

In an earlier interview Anouk said that taking part in the contest might become her European breakthrough. ‘Lets face it; The Netherlands doesn’t stand a chance of winning the contest anymore, but at least I would reach millions of European viewers! Reason enough for me to seriously consider a participation!’.