France : Jonatan Cerrada in a musical on Aznavour

by Dominique Dufaut 256 views

Jonatan Cerrada, the 2004 French entrant, will soon sing in a musical entitled “Je m'voyais déjà”, at the Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris. This musical comedy features the best songs of legendary Charles Aznavour.

The show is based on Charles Aznavour's most famous songs and it will feature other names known to the French public. First role is given to Diane Tell, a French-speaking artist from Canada, living in France. Also on stage is Pablo Villafranca (Maurane's ex-husband – he played in "Les Dix Commandements. The casting was made by Bruno Berberes, French Head of delegation for Eurovision since 2002.

The man behind this musical is Laurent Ruquier, a very famous French comedian and TV talk show presenter. He also commented the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions : 2003 and 2004. Besides his television appearances, Ruquier wrote around 10 plays (he's the one who adapted "Chicago" in French) and directed many other comedians in their first steps.

"Je m'voyais déjà" (it refers to one of Charles Aznavour's songs) will be premiered next October 2nd, until January 4th. And there will be a live orchestra,Even with stilts, Belgian-but-with-Spanish-origins Jonata Cerrada only placed 15th in Istanbul with "A Chaque pas"

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