Albania: Anjeza Shahini releases debut album

by Marcus Klier 307 views

After five years of career, Anjaza Shahini, who represented Albania in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest, released her debut album. It is called Erdhi momenti and cotains classic pop and pop rock tracks.

Some of the songs were composed by Adrian Hila, who has also composed no less than three of Albania's five entries in the Eurovision Song Contest so far: Tomorrow I go in 2005 (16th), Hear my plea in in 2007 (17th in the semi final) and Zemrën e lamë peng in 2008 (16th). Some of the lyrics were written by Anjeza's sister Bela.

Anjeza Shahini represented Albania on its debut in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul. With her entry The image of you, she finished 4th in the semi final and 7th in the final. She therefore remains the country's most succesful representative to date.

A video clip of the album's title track was produced. You can watch the video below:

Many thanks to Gafurr Sahiti for the contribution to the article.