Ukraine: International team

by Michael Kuipers 368 views

In the recent years, Eurovision has become more and more international in terms of who represents which country – Estonians for Switzerland, Swedes for Estonia, and so on. But this year's Ukrainian team is one of the most mixed teams in a long time to hit the contest!

Ani Lorak, the singer, is of course herself Ukrainian, but working with her is half-Russian half-Bulgarian Filipp Kirkorov, who wrote the music for Shady Lady, Karen Kavaleryan, an Armenian who wrote the lyrics, and Greek choreographer Foks Evangelinos, who designed the stage show for the entry and also arranged the stage shows of Greece 2005 and Russia 2006.

Also involved are Italian designer Roberto Cavalli, who designed Ani's dress, the 4 dancers – 2 of whom are Russian, one Ukrainian and one Swedish, an Armenian back vocalist called Mariam Merabova, who lives in Russia these days, and a Georgian head of event coordination, Gela Todua, who organised Ani's promo tour.

And of course we can't forget that Ani herself is married to a Turkish man, who is also present in Belgrade to support her!

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