Croatia: Laci “the biggest star in Belgrade”

by Laura Gudim 94 views

Kraljevi Ulice, this year's Croatian representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, took to the stage yesterday for their first rehearsals, followed by a press conference.

Ivan Miladinov, who is responsible for the screening of the song, said everybody was satisfied with the performance. The main star of the Kraljevi Ulice press conference was most definitely 75-year-old rapper Ladislav Demeterffy Laci, aka 75 Cents, the oldest contestant in this year's contest. Laci had an answer to every question, even in German and Russian.

When an Israeli journalist asked him if he had met the youngest contestant, 16-year-old Albania Olta Boka, multilingual Laci replied: "Tel Aviv ist sehr schön Stadt!"

There was also much talk of his 'career' as a seducer! "He's been chasing girls for 61 years!" joked Aleksandar Kostandinov, HRT's Head of Entertainment, in charge of the Croatian delegation in Belgrade. "But we're not going to go into detail about Laci's love life. That would take too long!"

However the story of Laci's life and his rapping are a huge hit in Belgrade. One Norwegian journalist proclaimed him 'the coolest rapperin the world' and he has already been called 'the 'granddad of Eurovision'!

He was asked whether he had any Eurovision memeories, and the old charmer was ready with an answer:

"About forty years ago, on one of my journeys, I met Domenico Modugno. We soon moved to the bar."

He did one of his first interviews in Belgrade for Bjelorussian television, greeting his audience in good Russian, for which his was praised by shocked TV viewers.

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