Day 5: Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Norway & Poland

by Russell Davies 79 views

The five day of rehearsals are now underway and this afternoon, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Norway & Poland will complete their first technical rehearsals and press conferences. You can read the reviews below from the rehearsals and later today, our media partner, will provide video footage

Song 7: Azerbaijan – Elnur and Samir -Day After Day

Another stunning performance from Elnur and Samir at this afternoon's rehearsals. Strong imageryinvolving angels and devils combined with plenty of special effects and pyrotechnics produce certainly one of the most dynamic performances seen at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. There is no doubting the vocal talents of Elnur and Samir who both produce soaring and varied vocals throughout their performance. The song has been cleverly constructed to incorporate the Maugham singing from their native Azerbaijaninto the song.

Song 8: Slovenia – Rebeka Dremelj – Vrag Naj Vzame

The most improved performance in the second camera rehearsal came from Slovenia's Rebeka whose routine has been transformed.This is now a slick and professional performance which entertains throughout. Rebeka starts the song incarcerated in cage constructed of neon fluorescent bars, whilst being guarded by two helmet wearing security men dressed in black leather. She breaks free of her prison and removes the silver gown whichhad chains attached, toreveal a stunning dual coloured outfit of lime and purple. At one stage she drags the men around the stage by leads attached around their necks.This aggressive performance certainly entertains and is well suited to the techno beat of the song.

Song 9: Norway: Maria Haukaas Storeng – Hold On, Be Strong

This afternoon we see asophisticated and elegant performance from Maria of Norway. Her vocals are note perfect and are complemented by her backing performers. Looking very sleek in a deep blue dress she performs her song with joyful enthusiasm which transfers well to the TV viewer. The staging and movement of the performers whilst being transitional certainly suites the retro feel of the song.

Song 9:Poland – Isis Gee – for Life

Once again we have another truly breathtaking performanceby Isis Gee from Poland. We see plenty of charming smiles from Isis which adds warmth to this sentimental song which obviously means so much to her. She displays the full breadth of her considerable vocal ability which she handles with fine control. She is dressed in an elegant virgin white dress. During her performance she makes her way from the back of the stage via an extended walkway to the front of the stage. A beautiful performance from Isis.

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