Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan’s costume designer revealed

by Jessica Weaver 1,096 views

The Armenian national broadcaster, ARMTV, has revealed the designer and fashion house behind Iveta Mukuchyan’s costumes for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Iveta Mukuchyan will collaborate with Armenian fashion house, Kivera Naynomis, in order to create individual costumes and outfits for each of the upcoming Eurovision events, as well as for the stage performance at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

A whole collection of clothes were made specifically for Iveta in her upcoming music video for her official Eurovision entry, LoveWave, which will premiere on the 2 March.

Speaking of her collaboration with Arevik Simonyan, founder of Kivera Naynomis, Iveta revealed:

I’m so excited to work with Arevik Simonyan, I feel that I’m in safe hands. I hope that everyone will like my outfits created by this amazing woman.

Arevik went on to speak of her delight at working with Iveta once again, who previously partnered together in 2013:

Iveta is the true representation of our brand values: strong, feminine, beautiful. She is charismatic, talented and is field with positive energy. I’m truly delighted to work with Iveta. She’s a great artist and an amazing human being.

Armenia’s official Eurovision entry for the 2016 contest will premiere on the 2 March on both Iveta’s YouTube channel as well as

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