The MyMagic interview

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MyMagic enter this year�s Lithuanian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest with Lady, a song written by Greek Gorgi aka Georgios Kalpakides and penned by German Stefan Engel. Lasy is a tender ballad with a twist! All the lyrics of the song come from past Eurovision hits most Eurofans will recognise. MyMagic, Gorgi and Stefan spoke to us about themselves and their song which competes tomorrow in the third and last Lithuanian heat.


Have you been following the contest?The Eurovision Song Contest is not really very popular in Lithuania, do you feel your participation will help you career?

Every year we follow the contest. This year will be the third time we are trying to reach the Eurovision Song Contest actually. It is quite popular in Lithuania, but it’s becoming a good place for new bands or performers to show their songs and get more attention. Our participation is helping our career as well but this year this is not our primary conceen. Out biggest priority is to make everybody feel good listening to us. We will be very happy when people hear the name of “MyMagic” and say that they felt nice listening to us.

How did you decide to enter the Lithuanian preselection? What would it mean to you to represent Lithuania in Belgrade?

We had a lot of thoughts about our participation. And the song Lady helped us make our minds up. It allowed us too say yes. This song suits us very well. It suits our style. We had decided: “If we have a good song we will go to the Lithuanian preselection, if not – we will try to go next year”. And then Gorgi wrote to us and said that he wants to submit the song for Eurovision. It was great news. And when we heard that song for the first time, both of us said “Yes! Super! we want it!”

About representing our country in Belgrade….at first it would be a great honour to sing for Lithuania. We would be very proud. “MyMagic” is not afraid to do this. We would be ready to outdo ourselves.We have a lot of ideas about the show on stage, and we think that Europe could like it.

Stella Floras

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